Monday, March 9, 2009

Charles “Chas” Freeman, continued

Pro-Israel lobby’s ire at Obama nominee

Charles Freeman, Roger Cohen and the changing Israel debate by Glenn Greenwald

And some quotes from Signs of Progress - And danger by Justin Raimondo:

"The "realist" wing of the Obama administration, centered in the intelligence community and the diplomatic corps, looks to someone like Charles "Chas" Freeman, whose appointment as head of the National Intelligence Council would place him in a key position. Freeman was picked by Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, whose spokeswoman made sure to let the Washington Times know that the president had no prior knowledge of the appointment. Freeman's sin, in the eyes of the Lobby, was to promote The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, the seminal book by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt that diagnoses the deforming effects of Israel's American amen corner on our policymaking process."

"The president's left-wing supporters want action on the Israeli-Palestinian front, and expectations are high: a new understanding of the "special relationship" is a prerequisite for success. Yet the administration is extraordinarily sensitive to criticism from the Israel lobby, which has gone on a jihad against Freeman, throwing everything in the book at him, and then some. The chosen theme of their hate campaign, in this case, is to portray Freeman as an agent of foreign powers – Saudi Arabia and China, so far. This charge, coming from the Israel lobby, is a hoot and a half – especially when one considers that the first voice to be raised against Freeman belonged to none other than Steve Rosen, the former AIPAC top lobbyist awaiting trial on charges of espionage on behalf of Israel (see this timeline)."

But read the article itself, which is supported by links.


On the financial system meltdown comes this article, $5 billion in lobbying to Congress got the finance industry lucrative legislative favors that paved the way for Wall Street's devastating collapse. By Robert Weissman

I have one comment to add: the 3 trillion dollar (to date) military crusade in the Middle East is more central to our looming crisis because we can fix Wall Street by putting the people responsible in jail and fixing the laws they've fanangled, but the millions of people who hate us now will hate us for a very long time to come.


Beware: Korea

N. Korea warns intercepting 'satellite' will prompt counterstrike

Why? The warmongers are in need of a major diversion from the (coming) utter failure of their invasion of Iraq, and there no better way to do that then pump up a war somewhere else, be it Afghanistan or Pakistan or Korea. The specific theater doesn't matter as much as that it be something. They aren't going to give up their military crusade in the Middle East or lose focus on the road to conquering Iran, but they need a diversion to mix up the status quo and pump up the military rah-rah spirit to get the juices flowing again.


The future of the human race, if we survive war, is outlined in a bleak presentation by Chris Hodges in We Are Breeding Ourselves to Extinction

No, Chris! You're missing something: that space is our destiny, so we better get busy working on it. That is, unless you want to get on the warmonger bandwagon and kill countless people for selfish ends. In the grand scheme of things, it makes perfect sense that humans would eventually overpopulate the planet - just around the time that science provides a way to deal with it. Let's not be ignorant, short-sighted or foolish anymore.


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