Thursday, March 5, 2009

The saddest story

I've seen, heard and read a lot of sad stories in my 61 years, but this one ranks right up there.

It's showing on PBS Nova, called "A Walk to Beautiful" about "Three Ethiopian women with childbirth injuries find solace at a special hospital in Addis Ababa."

War and destruction are horrible, but we rebuild. Killing is horrible, but the dead aren't suffering anymore. What makes this story and it's backdrop so very sad is that it's about the long-term misery and agony of some women, who for no reason of their own, happen to live in one of the poorest countries on Earth and were bitten by just one of the many afflictions that plague this poverty-stricken country.

And this is our shame, because we allowed, and continue to allow, the spending on trillions of dollars for a pointless, useless crusade for military authority in an area of the world few of us even care at all about - while just a fraction of this money could provide doctors and hospitals to eliminate this scourge.


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