Sunday, March 29, 2009


Read this article: The ‘New’ Strategy - Did Obama Expand the War Into Pakistan? Is The Real Change a Massive Escalation Into Pakistan?

And this article on Obama's Afghan quagmire deepens, and this one by Ray McGovern entitled Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President

What could possibly explain this stumbling?

Why is this "war on terror" continuing and expanding, long after it's been thoroughly discredited by anyone with half a brain? If you still don't get it, you must understand this: you cannot defeat an enemy you cannot even identify. How do you know what someone BELIEVES IN? You don't, and you can't. This so-called "war on terror" is an ideological war, between people who believe this versus people who believe that.

What makes it so very terrible? A military invasion against such an "enemy" is itself making MORE enemies. Let me say that again: the more people you kill and maim, the more others will join against you. Do you think for even a moment that we could get away with killing a million or so Iraqi's and then expect them to treat us as friends? Do you think that killing another million or so Afghan or Pakistan people will work - or will it create more enemies then we have now?

Who is nuts here?

Do you know the population of Pakistan is over 150,000,000 people? If only 1 percent of that population hates us enough to take up arms against us, that is 1,500,000 people. If only 1 percent of that 1 percent is capable of significantly harming us, that's 15,000 people. Why can't anyone understand the impossibility of defeating such an enemy?

Do you understand that escalating the military solution in that part of the world is only feeding it?

You know why American's aren't talking or thinking like this? The NEWS isn't saying it. And if it's not on the NEWS, it's not NEWS.

Where is this going? War begets war, and hatred begets hatred. We're inviting exactly the one thing we don't want!

What's underneath all this? What force drove us to invade Iraq in the first place? Was it really stumble-bum Bush and his close advisers, or was it something much bigger?

I'm not going to spell this out for you, because to do so invites the fury of the powerful. What I'll do instead is ask you to do some googling, read for yourself about AIPAC and the NeoCon gang and their connections with "NEWS". Ask yourself if it's possible they are still in power, long after Bush-the-face is gone. Check out how Obama handled AIPAC. Check out how what really happened in Gaza didn't make it into the "NEWS". See if you can find a single major media player taking a stand against Israel, and ask yourself why.

Once you start searching and reading, you'll see there are 2 worlds, one feed into your brain by the "NEWS" and the other being very, very different. Justin Raimondo, who I admire for his knowledge and analysis thinks this is starting to change.

And Iraq? It's not over by a long shot. Read this article and this article, to understand what the so-called "surge" was really all about.

On the "really all about" front, imagine this: that the robbery of America by the banks and Wall Street was really a diversion from this larger campaign for military authority in the Middle East, and that this just happened to, incidentally, enrich a group of people. Gotta ask yourself: are they that smart, are we that stupid, or what?

What can you actually do about any of this? Read Tom Hayden's article here, it's got a list of things you can do.


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