Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fontline: ten trillion and counting

I'm a really big fan of PBS and it's various shows and documentaries, Frontline included, or perhaps especially.

This Frontline report makes it very clear the financial disaster we'd headed for is larger and more severe then anyone is talking about today - yet the evidence is plain enough.

There are 2 pieces missing from their report that would make all the difference:

1. They didn't even mention military spending, as in "As of 2009, the United States government is spending about $1 trillion annually on defense-related purposes"

2. They point to "entitlements" instead, as the main culprit, specifically to social security (which - excuse me - we and our employers paid into) and, more specifically, to health care. Excuse me, but why is everyone taking it for granted that the cost of health care is untouchable? Maybe someone should read this?


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