Friday, March 20, 2009

Was the Bailout Itself a Scam? ... more

Was the Bailout Itself a Scam? By Paul Craig Roberts

"After Washington’s trillion dollar bank bailouts and trillion dollar gratuitous wars for the sake of the military industry’s profits and Israeli territorial expansion, there is no money for Social Security and Medicare."

"The US government breaks its contracts with US citizens on a daily basis, but AIG’s bonus contracts are sacrosanct. The Social Security contract was broken when the government decided to tax 85% of the benefits. It was broken again when the Clinton administration rigged the inflation measure in order to beat retirees out of their cost-of-living adjustments. To have any real Medicare coverage, a person has to give up part of his Social Security check to pay Medicare Part B premium and then take out a private supplemental policy. The true cost of Medicare to beneficiaries is about $6,000 annually in premiums, plus deductibles and the Medicare tax if the person is still earning."


Dreyfuss: Cheney belongs in jail


End Times—The Death of the Fourth Estate contains excerpts from this very important work.

"We can no longer trust that our journalists are reporting the news without underlying corporate or governmental agendas. The US government deregulates radio and right-wing Clear Channel gobbles up available frequencies. Journalists are embedded and the war in Iraq is a noble one. Whether the information is fabricated, one-sided, or illegally obtained, recent scandals like those involving Judy Miller and Robert Woodward only serve to underline the point that journalistic integrity is not what it used to be."

"Enter Jeffrey St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn. Their newest effort, End Times, presents a detailed scrutiny of the "quality" print press and leading corporate media in the last decade, detailing a disastrous sequence of misrepresentation, suppression, ignorance, and a willful embrace of the government's agenda. The book traces the impending disintegration of what are now "old media" and looks toward the emergence of an entirely new landscape of mass communications: one that includes a more populist approach to information dissemination."

Another major story about the "news" that's been suckering us for so long
The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers


Israeli Soldiers Expose Atrocities in Gaza

One Soldier's Tale of How War Drove Him Crazy

The Most Pervasive Combat Injury Among U.S. Soldiers is Invisible -- and the Pentagon Has Tried to Keep it That Way


Was Eliot Spitzer Taken Out Because He Was Going to Bust AIG?


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