Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From Iraq to AIG, and much, much more

In this article, From Iraq to AIG, Pierre Tristam says what anyone who has given this matter any thought is thinking.

I see more to it. It's just too convenient that we happened to have this financial meltdown completely independently of the cost of the Middle East invasion, with it's 1-3 (and counting) trillion dollar price tag financed by putting our future into debt.

Now I'm no financial high-roller, but I have been following events, and what I'm seeing is that we're being bamboozled again. That is, the cost of that invasion to date + it's future (it's far from over) costs are the major driver for financial ruin, but it's being covered up with snake oil that just happens to have the attribute of not being traceable to anyone at all.

Isn't that slick? How hard is it to imagine the prime movers behind this high-fiving themselves on how clever they've been once again. First they duped us into that invasion, and now they're duping us about the financial disaster it created.

There's another piece of this story that's never discussed: America is as strong as America FEELS. When we're right and feeling it, there is nothing we can't do. But we're not right today on these major issues, we've been duped and therefor as wrong as if we ourselves made the decisions. We couldn't or failed to stop them. This carries a psychological effect that's far more important then the money. We should all be hanging our heads in shame for what we've allowed that gang to pull off in our good name. There are too many of us who, if we don't see what our concerns in the headlines, think that we must be mistaken - because if we are right about something it would be in the news. Read the above and ask yourself if you think there is a connection between the staggering cost of that invasion and all of the other financial disasters that just happened to be going on now.

If you're still reading, now ask yourself this question: is it possible that the mindset behind the monstrous lies that we know of - is behind still more lies? If the word 'disinformation' is more palatable, then use it, but the result is the same: we've been duped and we're still being duped - in HUGE ways.

I've pointed to this one before, but will again, as a perfect example of how the duping process works. It works because very clever people have spent lifetimes practicing the art of spinning stories, minimally to establish reasonable doubt, or plausible deniability, but that's just entry level. Going for the gusto is to get behind the media machine's controls and use it to make people think D, E and F are more important then A, B and C. But that's too nice. In practice they've sent our children to kill and die for their cause, literally robbed us blind, and now they've got us believing our money simply disappeared, can't be found, and nobody is responsible.

What's really killing us? We have no means of connecting with each other. Some people have lost children, others their jobs, others their 401k retirements, and God knows how many other ways individuals have been hurt by this gang, but the way things have been setup, each is in a "compartment' by themselves, left alone to wallow in their own personal disaster.


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