Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GAO: More Expensive to Leave Iraq Than to Stay

In this article:
GAO: More Expensive to Leave Iraq Than to Stay

"The report concludes that despite the enormous costs associated with fighting the Iraq war over the past six years, Congress should expect costs to actually increase as the Obama Administration moves through its so-called pullout plan."

It's a whole lot worse then that. Neither Obama's plan nor the GAO report take notice of the most glaring fact of all: anti-American occupation sentiment will prevail in Iraq just as it did in Vietnam. The North Vietnamese believed to the end that they were fighting a civil war to reunify their country, and while the Iraqi's aren't as freverently nationalistic, they are certainly as against being occupied, and there are many millions of Iraqi's deeply affected by the killing and destruction wrought on their country by the invader/occupier. Not too long ago polls showed the overwhelming majority of Iraqi's wanted the occupier to leave. Maybe the number has lessened now, but not because they love the occupier, but because they fear the result of being left in the throes of a lawless result - they are between the rock and the hard place.

Someday, when the dust finally does settle, someone is going to ask "what were the real reasons for the invasion of Iraq, that cost us and the Iraqi's so very dearly"?

Why isn't this question being asked now?


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